Frequently Asked Questions

Feedbacks and Surveys
We know that things happen! Your sample might not have arrived, it may have been damaged, or you might have changed your mind altogether and don’t want to try the product anymore. That’s ok, just make sure you let us know that you can’t complete the survey and why!
We want to know if you have purchased the product after you have tried it, it’s very straight-forward, just a yes or no answer. We let you update your answer so don’t stress.

For every product that you claim, you will be asked to revisit the site and complete a short survey about your experience with that product. This survey will be available in your account section 7 days after your product has been 'shipped’ (your product status can be found in the ‘my account’ area under orders).

Each survey has a close date by which you will need to complete the survey. If one or more surveys become overdue, then you will not be able to claim further samples until at least one of these surveys is completed. If you have three (3) feedback surveys outstanding at any one time, you will not be able to continue claiming samples until you have completed at least one of these surveys. Don’t worry though, you get rewarded for completing your surveys, so it’s a win win!

Don’t despair, you can always ask for an extension. Just make sure you complete it before the survey close date and you won’t have any issues. Be aware that excessive use of exemptions will mean that you will be locked out of your account. If this happens you won’t be able to login to the system and will need to contact us. 
General Support
There are unsubscribe links in the bottom of all our email communications.

If you come across this problem, it is most likely that you have registered under another email address. This other duplicate address could have been a working address or one that was misspelt.

Before logging an email case with our support team please ensure you have tried to remember and login with the alternate email address and resend the password for it if you cannot remember it.

When you do an email case with our support team please supply as much details as possible for us to find a resolution for you.

My Account
We are sorry, but we cannot allow changes to be made to your order.

Updating your account details is easy!

Step 1: Start by logging into your account now. Log in

Step 2: Select the 'My account' drop down from your members navigation bar.

Step 3: Select the section you would like to update.


Your profile information helps us find you the products you want from the brands you love.

This is where you can update:

  • Gender
  • Birth Year
  • Home Postcode
  • Preferred Supermarket


This is where you can update your basic account information, reset your password, and etc.

This is where you can update:

  • Name (as per IC)
  • Email Address
  • Password
  • Delivery Address

If you are having difficulty, please contact our customer service team on

We apologize to you if your order has not arrived. Please allow up to 14 working days to receive your order. The Pos Malaysia service we use, does not have tracking, so it is unlikely we will be able to find out where your shipment is. We ask you to please contact our Customer Service to advise us of this incident, so we can ensure we improve our service to you for the next time.
If you would like your account removed or cancelled, please contact our friendly customer service team now and we will deactivate your account immediately. This means that you will no longer be able to login and you will no longer receive communications from SproutMe.
Point System





Successful sign up / registration

1,500 points


Daily sign in (except the first day)

100 points each daily sign in


Order a Sample

100 points each order


Refer a friend via SproutMe Referral Link only and this friend becomes a member.


100 points each referral


Referred friend orders first Sample

1000 points for the first Sample


Complete a survey for a Sample (Feedback Survey)

200 points for each survey


Answer the post survey question ­ “Did you buy?”

200 points for each survey


Full completion of all sections of the Advanced Profile

3500 points


Share in Social Media 

100 points each request

We have created the Point System to reward our loyal "Sprouters" for their continuous support and effort.

The Point System will determine the Level of each "Sprouters" and their eligibility for each level.

The points accumulated will enable "Sprouters" to access/redeem special promotions and vouchers.

Shipping and delivery
Unfortunately, the postal service that we are using does not provide tracking service. However, once you have received your order confirmation email, you can rest assured your order has proceeded to our warehousing, for picking, and packing to be sent to you. Please note the order can take up to 14 working days to reach you.
We can deliver to your place of work. Please ensure you include the business name, and your name in the shipping information of your order so the order is sent to the correct address and person.
Please allow 7-10 working days to receive your delivery. The delivery time frame will vary, depending on your location. Please note during holiday periods, your delivery may take a little longer.
We understand the need to get your order to you as quickly and safely as possible. Sproutme utilise Pos Malaysia to deliver product to you, ensuring a door to door service to every corner of the country, through the postal service.
Your order will be left at your home, even if you are not at home, there may be occasion where the postman feels it is unsafe to leave your parcel and when this happens, a card will be left for you, indicating you will need to collect the item from your nearest post office.
You will not have to sign for your delivery, unless you are asked to collect it from your local post office. Your local post office may ask you to sign when collecting the item.